Focused On Your Family’s Legacy


Building a life starts and ends with family. At Geffre Law, P.C., we believe that wholeheartedly. We believe you should live an integrated life, where no part of your life is inconsistent with another part. That includes your legal representation. From our office in Oakdale, we provide estate planning, probate and estate administration services to clients in the eastern Twin Cities Metro area, including Stillwater and Woodbury.

The attorney you choose to help you with your estate plan should be someone who is aligned with your values: who prioritizes life the same way you do.

If you’ve built a life centered on family, anchored on faith and integrity, focused on the long-term objectives and not just the here-and-now, then we might be a good fit for you. Feel free to reach out by phone or email and if we aren’t a good fit for you or your particular need, we’ll help you find someone who is.


“Being a lawyer is messy. It’s all focused on people fighting amongst each other. I want our firm to be different. We’re focused on helping people find the good. On keeping families together. On building one another up, not tearing each other down.”
— Lee Geffre, founding attorney

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