Focused On Your Family’s Legacy

Protecting Your Family’s Legacy Through Estate Planning

After the hard work and dedication in building a life for your family, it’s important to think ahead and protect what you have built.

You may have important assets such as a home or business, but most importantly, you have a family and loved ones who deserve certainty and protection. At Geffre Law, P.C., our attorneys understand your priorities and will help you craft a plan that reflects such priorities in your life.

Putting together an estate plan is a process that helps you anticipate and make their last wishes known through a set of legal documents. Attorney Lee Geffre will guide you through the process and align your legal documents with your goals.

Crafting The Right Estate Plan For You

The basis of every estate is laid by a will or a trust. and in some cases both legal tools. Each document serves purposes that may complement each other to meet your needs and expectations. There are no cookie-cutter solutions for your future, as every family is unique. Therefore, we take the time to learn your current priorities and how you plan to protect your loved ones and assets.

We will thoroughly explain when a will could be a suitable option for you and under which circumstances a trust can help you fulfill your goals. A will is helpful to:

  • For minor children, name a guardian you will trust to raise your children if your and your spouse both die
  • Appoint a personal representative who will be in charge of carrying out your wishes for your estate
  • Name beneficiaries and the property you want to pass on to each

You may also benefit from a trust. There are many different kinds of trusts you can use to accomplish specific goals, such as:

  • Maintain full control of your assets while you are alive
  • Pass your assets to your beneficiaries after you die without the time and cost of a probate proceeding
  • Keep our family’s financial affairs private
  • Provide assets to a family member with special needs without making them ineligible for Medicaid
  • Minimize taxation
  • Protect assets you give beneficiaries from issues such as a future divorce or creditor action

After a thorough discussion with attorney Lee Geffre, we can help you identify the right trust for your family and assets.

A will or a trust is not a one-time draft. When your family or your assets change, your estate plan needs to change as well. Attorney Lee Geffre will work with you to update your plan when needed.

From our office in Oakdale, we craft estate plans for families throughout the eastern Twin Cities metro area, including Stillwater and Woodbury.

Questions About Wills And Trusts?

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